ooka i scanned it now there we go
[careful there’s autoplay]

I FINALLY FINISHED THIS! man im actually really happy with the outcome! i’ve never gotten to mess with colors like this before.

if i told you id stop drawing karkat id be lying
oops i forgot to feed tarcus when i drew him
owell good night im sleep now

“dark space fills me, bright light kills me”
-Halogen Lamps by Pretty Balanced

tarcus is a qt ahahahaha wow i gotta go to sleep after i upload one more
all i draw now is tarcus sorry
but look at this babbu wow
(troll belongs to nik and i guess me too? idk but he’s nik’s fo’ sho’)

sketch for a Kankri icon!!!

kaaaaankriii for emma
buah buah buah
Beanie drew thisss
sometimes when l33o is bored she doodles aradia